The company



ISASWISS Designs, develops and manufactures quartz movements based on a skill acquired in the watchmaking and electronics domain for over 50 years.



ISASWISS has developed a line of movements in continual evolution, composed to this day of 7 different families.

From economic movments of ISAQUARTZ family, up to new analogics and digitals synchronised movments of the family ISADIGIT.



ISASWISS offers the possibility to develop adaptations and changes of movements in collaboration with its customers.



ISASWISS is continuously involved in a system of improvement and quality control and this in all phases of the process of study and manufacturing and also through a technical support approach to the customer both in the initial phase of the Customer-provider collaboration as in the after sales service.



ISASWISS began producing watch movements in the years 50 under the name: FABRIQUE D’EBAUCHES de SONCEBOZ which manufactured mechanical watch movements.

In 1980, FABRIQUE D’EBAUCHES de SONCEBOZ takes the turn of quartz. The abandonment of the manufacture of mechanical calibers will take place a few years later.

After various acquisitions of production units, the group ISA will be created. The group will develop mainly in the production of 6¾ quartz movements which will be manufactured in very large quantities until 2005.

In 2006 ISASWISS decides to stop production in large quantities of super economical calibers. The group becomes ISASWISS WATCH MECHANISMS and ISASWISS refocuses its activity on the production of complex quartz movements, with high added value and customizable.